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Dear Customer,

We are undertaking a major revamp of our email hosting infrastructure and platform and as a part of this we are happy to announce that email packages associated to your hosting orders on the below domains will be migrated to our new Open Xchange v7 (OX7) powered platform in February 2015.

What this means for you:
  • Email on the OX7 platform will be launched on 2nd February 2015 at $0.80 per account or IDR 10.000
  • During the transition window of 2nd February to 30th April, your email interface will be migrated from the current interface to OX7 - a modern, intuitive and user friendly interface, and the end date for your package will be set to 30th April 2014.
  • Email send/receive functionality will stop working on 30th April, 2015. However, you will be able to renew the concerned order and resume all services as per the new billing model.
  • This change will be irreversible and you do not have an option to stay on the legacy interface
  • There will be no downtime during this change and the change for each account will happen almost instantaneously once it has started
  • There will be no disruption to email services or loss of email data during this change 
  • During the migration, all the saved signatures, filters, address book etc. from the current interface will also be ported over without any need for manual intervention
  • You can take advantage of superior email reliability, top of the line email infrastructure, enhanced deliverability and cutting edge email editor, search functions that OX7 offers

Please refer to the table below for timelines for various processes associated with Personal Email packages under your account.

Date Process
2nd February, 2015 Business Email, with 5 GB space per account, will go live and the billing cycle for new packages will change to a per account billing model. You will be able to renew your Existing Personal Email packages at the current prices for a tenure of 3 months, if they are due for renewal before 30th March.
Between 2nd February – 30th April, 2015 Existing Personal Email packages for all packages in active status or in Deletion Grace Period as on 30th March 2015 will be migrated to the new OX 7 platform and the package expiry date will be set to 30th April 2015. If your concerned Personal Email package is expiring beyond the 30th of April, 2015, then pro-rata refund will be processed for you.If you wish to continue using this email service, all you have to do is renew the concerned package after completion of migration to Business Email (This will be renewed based on the new billing model which is on a per account basis).
Between 30th April, 2015 – 30th May, 2015 If your order wasn’t renewed before this date, your order will be suspended and you no longer will be able to send/receive emails. However, you will be able to renew the concerned order and resume all services as per the new billing model.
After 30th May 2015 All orders that were not renewed will be deleted from the server and you will no longer be able to renew/resume the email services.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

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